new years in a nutshell

a number of points to hit:

firstly, happy new year everybody! my resolutions are still hazy at the moment, save one: thinking of the best Rock Band band name EVER. after Coomassie Blue, of course.

big day in Iowa today! my man Obama takes the Dem caucuses by an 8 point margin, while Mikey Huckabee, the scariest of the old white dudes running on the Republican side, gets to claim Iowa for his very own. come on, Mitt, get your easily-beatable flip floppy ass in gear!

in sadder caucus news, Chris Dodd (who I became a big fan of after watching his FISA speech from a few weeks back) got bupkus and dropped out. poor guy.

life stuff! I'm heading back to boston on monday, so here's hoping that the "worst storm to hit the bay area in years" disappears by then. after that, it's two weeks of developmental biology boot camp. that'll be followed by real classes and a rotation at the zebrafish-happy Lab of Zon, studying hematopoiesis, a word I have yet to spell correctly on the first try. should be fun times!

in the meantime, i am thoroughly addicted to Scrabulous. augh.

speaking of classic games, Kanye West and Beyonce playing Connect Four may be the most adorkable thing in the universe:

coming soon- my voluminous top albums list of 2007. i know ye all wait with breath that is heartily BATED.
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it is almost thanksgiving and things are going awesome. I am going to see tegan and sara tomorrow, which will be awesome too. and then over the weekend (friday through sunday) I will be visiting Colin in NYC, which will be awesometastic. speaking of which, if any of you guys are in NYC this weekend, either because you live there or are visiting, give me a call and we will hang out!

until next month!
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ted leo is pretty awesome

suzanne and i are going to see him on december 1 and it will be awesome. yaaaaaay rock n roll.

i like sushi.


yesterday we had a potluck and david made an awesome boat out of pineapple and white chocolate sails and a desert island/ america made of cheese and crackers. suhweeet. suzanne made a cake with george washington on it. she insists it was christopher columbus but she is wrong. because she was picturing george washington even as she tried to draw mr. columbus.

i need a haircut.
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not a huge fan of mrs. clinton normally, but nicely done here. she uses a few unnecessary buzzwords ("values," in particular, has long since worn out its welcome), but her defense of evolution is both forceful and surprisingly nuanced for a politician. and the republican party's war on science in the last ten years since something that needs more attention in general.

minus points to the NYT, however, for the copy-pasted republican talking points at the end of the article. especially the last sentence. you lose when you state flat out that "Mr. Bush had made federal money available for stem cell research" without mentioning that his "funding" essentially amounts to fighting a forest fire with a bottle of water. incidentally, they also just plugged up the well, so you'd better make that bottle laaaaaaaast.
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holy wow "the office" is so good. Collapse )

in other news, I apparently completely forgot how to pour gels because it took me an embarrassing four times to get it right. aaaaack. but things are going well in the lab otherwise.

and yesterday we watched the red sox beat the angels in the first playoff game. at a sports bar next to fenway, not in the park itself, admittedly. but whatever, we are poor grad students. and dude isn't it awesome how I actually kind of know what the hell "playoff" means now?

ok seriously though, I don't understand how people can watch more than one baseball game a week. they're so long and repetitive and 90% of the time it's just people standing there looking bored (but intensely so). it's fun to get into the game with friends but they need to cut the damn things down to 5 innings. or actually get people on base more than twice a game.

of course the truly huge news of the week is this: RADIOHEAD ARE RELEASING A NEW FUCKING ALBUM IN LESS THAN A WEEK. and you can buy it online as a download. and you pay as much as you feel like paying. they're doing it sans label support in what has to be the biggest "fuck you" to the record industry since the napster days. it's awesome. and the tracklisting is awesome too. "nude" is finally seeing the light of day. "reckoner" is back from the grave. and my favorites from last year's tour (especially "arpeggi," which if done right will probably become my favorite radiohead tune ever) all made it.

righto, back to genetics I go!
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it is very hot here

we're in boston in late september and it is 84 degrees during the night. what the hell. :(

i met such awesome people here, people who are so much cooler than i will ever be, and my new life goal is to be cool like them.

snizza made me write that.

she is now claiming that those are my innermost feelings but my real innermost feelings are basically thus: i like food, and also sleeping.

classes are going pretty ok.

more exciting: I'm starting my first lab rotation this week, doing evolutionary developmental biology at the Tabin lab. my project involves limb development in these little tree frogs from puerto rico called "coqui," which are direct developers (i.e. they don't go through a tadpole stage, but instead emerge from their eggs as tiny versions of adults). we're hoping that they will be useful as a model for limb bud development in vertebrates in general, but even if they aren't, it should be a fun project, because hey: adorable little frog babies. that you get to chop up and douse in chemicals.

mwa ha ha ha ha ha.
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holy wow. long silence! unfortunately, classes start tomorrow morning (9am woooooooooo) so no real update tonight. maybe next time, suckas!
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not very catchy i'll admit

there is a toddler who lives in one of the nearby apartments who has this immediately identifiable, piercing cry. I can tell whenever he's outside with his mother because within moments he's wailing his shrieky ass off. I call him "nails on chalkboard baby."
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